God's Blank Check by Maria Veloso
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DID YOU KNOW... that God's power
extends to you like a blank check
which you can fill out with whatever you want or need?

God's Blank Check to you

Print out the full-size check and fill it out with whatever you desire.  Read it everyday and keep it near you as a constant reminder of what God is making possible for you right now.  And don't be surprised when you receive what you ask for sooner than you think! 

Just fill in your first name and email address below -- and you will be taken to the  webpage where you can print God's blank check.  Print as many checks as you like for as many requests and desires you have, or give them away to friends.

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Reserve your copy of the "God's Blank Check" gift book -- a beautiful hardcover book with the same breathtaking images and words seen in the "God's Blank Check" mini-movie ( 2006 Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, Inc.).  Full-color glossy pages with several full-size blank checks from God included.   
Price: $7.00   
Release date: November 2006



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